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CloudSuite Healthcare

Infor CloudSuite Healthcare keeps your business running with maximum efficiency, so you can focus on delivering quality, safe, affordable care.

Infor Cloudsuite Healthcare is a comprehensive platform designed to meet the unique needs of the Healthcare Industry. It includes a complete range of cutting-edge cloud-based solutions for various processes like finance, human resource management, supply chain management, analytics, patient-level services and more.

CloudSuite Healthcare With E3

Our prestigious title of “Infor Gold Channel Partner” and our unbeatable track record of satisfied clients in the Middle East stand testament to our exceptionally high standards and quality of service.

As a trusted name in the Middle East Healthcare industry and a renowned Infor Channel Partner, We enjoy access to the latest cloud applications and modules that can be personalized and implemented based on your facility’s unique needs.

Infor CouldSuite Healthcare is designed to support healthcare-specific business processes, such as:

  • Tracking and validating clinical competencies and performance reviews that comply with Joint Commission Standards.
  • Patient charge documentation.
  • Utilization Recording.
  • Grant Management.
  • Mobile Supply Chain Management.
  • Coordination of FDA recalls.
  • Patient-floor supply reordering.

Streamlining processes to focus on

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Why Move To The Cloud?

Moving to the cloud is no longer an “IF”, but an inevitable change for Healthcare Institutions to adapt to changing needs and address growing challenges. The Infor Cloudsuite platform is highly flexible, secure and agile; designed to meet to the unique requirements of the Healthcare Industry. By using Cloudsuite Healthcare you can:

Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Moving to the cloud eliminates the need for expensive hardware and servers. It also redirects the attention of support personnel towards more strategic tasks and duties.

Realize A Speedier Time To Value

Unlike legacy admin and operational systems, Cloud products can be deployed in a much shorter time-frame – several weeks, maybe months, not years.

Support Multi-Facility Operations

The cloud allows you to access real-time data at any time, from anywhere and this helps accommodate the addition of new facilities with ease.

Improve Performance

Automatic updates & upgrades ensure that you are equipped with the latest, optimized solutions, with scalable processing to adapt to changing environments.

Ensure Security & Reliability

Our professional data-management process ensures that best-practice protocols are followed in network, operations security, application, physical, and comprehensive monitoring.

Capitalize On Infor Innovation

Streamline your business processes with proven solutions, designed specifically for Healthcare. Infor Clousduite Healthcare helps enhance overall productivity with best-in-class mobile, collaboration and analytics technologies.

The Complete Platform For All Operational Needs:

Infor CloudSuite Healthcare is the most comprehensive, customizable software platform designed to address industry-specific and enterprise challenges in the healthcare industry. Experience the Infor advantage today!

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