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CloudSuite HCM

Infor CloudSuite™ HCM is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform designed for effective and efficient human capital management. Infor’s cloud-based HCM solutions are more comprehensive and complete than any other alternative in the industry.

Cloudsuite HCM offers versatility with configurable solutions, giving you access to all the talent optimization capabilities you need. In addition to this, the platform offers unique science tools that allow users to apply predictive analytics across a range of talent management processes to help HR and Business Leaders make more enlightened decisions.


One of the most important factors behind the success of a business and its operations is talent or human resource and the way it is managed. Growing companies like yours requires a viable human capital management solution that is capable of handling all your HCM requirements.

Infor CloudSuite HCM is designed to provide advanced functionality, versatility and scalability to meet the increasing HCM needs of a fast-paced, growing business. It allows you to utilize a wide range of capabilities, without having to deal with unnecessary deployment time, maintenance and cost.

CloudSuite HCM’s cloud-based infrastructure is able to meet the existing workforce needs of any business structure, and capable of innovatively adapting to the changing needs of the future.

Built For Talent Management:

Human capital management has evolved drastically, becoming a key component of a company’s business plan with a significant influence on its outcomes. With the expansion in various HR and HCM processes, the need for more flexible and functional solutions is constantly increasing – That’s where CloudSuite comes in.

Modern HCM now requires new capabilities and tools to meet today’s expectations and Infor CloudSuite HCM offers a full range of human capital and resource management solutions. CloudSuite HCM is built to support the modernization of HR operations, and help HR deliver real, differentiating value.

Broad Capabilities

The perfect solution for both - HCM capabilities and end-to-end functionality - packed into one solution, from a single vendor, unmatched by available alternatives.

Science-Driven Tools

Establish a competitive advantage, predict outcomes, tailor programs to individuals, and optimize day-to-day decisions by applying powerful science to talent processes.

Flexible Technology

Buy, deploy and maintain one of the most agile HR Cloud technology solutions with ease - even as demands change.

Streamlining processes to focus on

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CloudSuite HCM Product Details:

HCM Core Bundle

Core Cloud Tools
  • Global Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • HR Service Delivery

HCM Add-On Bundle

Optional Add-Ons
  • Payroll
  • Workforce Management
  • HCM Analytics

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