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Cbord Nutrition & Food Solutions

E3 Cbord Nutrition and Food Solutions are tailor-made, versatile and scalable for easy expansion. Our Nutrition and Food Service Systems are built and scaled to suit the needs of any operation from basic yet comprehensive clinical patient-data processing and storage to complex data-centered operations.

Benefits Of Cbord Nutrition Solutions:

  • Electronic card file with clinical notes
  • Large range of supporting reports
  • Filters for allergies/restrictions
  • Tray tickets with automate correction
  • Automate production tally reports
  • Supplement and nourishment labels and reports
  • Room Service, TV Menu Entry, bedside Entry or paper menus
  • Intake analysis for calorie counts
  • ADT and Diet Orders interfaces
  • Nutritional screening & assessment tools

Cboard Nutrition System - Features:

Cbord clinical patient-nutrition systems are designed to make data-centered tasks easy with flexibility, accessibility and automation. Our Cbord systems boast cutting-edge features that are personalized to best fit your needs, some of which include:

patient nutrition satisfaction

Increase Satisfaction

Maximize Utilization

Reduce Costs

Reduce Risks

Cbord™ Nutrition & Food Solutions

Protect patient-safety, reduce waste, and raise satisfaction scores with Cbord solutions. Consult our specialists today to know how Cbord Nutrition & Food Solutions can improve your business.

Cbord Room Service

Food Service plays a major role in shaping patients perceptions. All patients appreciate choices (especially children and their parents) and Cboard Hotel-Style Room Service has a proven track record when it comes to increasing satisfaction scores. Some notable features include:

  • Integration with Diet Office
  • Tray-location monitoring
  • Service-problem notifications
  • Compiles data for workflow improvements
  • Focus on nutrition-care process
  • Offers more flexibility for non-traditional eaters

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